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With the transition to warmer weather and longer days, you may be itching to prepare your dwelling for the months ahead. Spring offers some bountiful opportunities to work on your home and update its appearance both inside and out. The following are some spring renovation project ideas that can boost your home’s functionality and aesthetic.

Say Yes to Kitchen Improvements

A kitchen remodel may sound like a costly and major renovation project for spring. However, a few little tweaks can turn your kitchen from drab to fab in no time. If you don’t feel like getting new cabinets, there are kits that allow you to paint them a warm and inviting color just in time for the new season. You can also change the hardware on the cabinets to something updated and fashionable.

Upgrade to Wood Flooring

If you’re unfamiliar with this project, a home renovation is an ideal way for homeowners to get the necessary funds to update and repair their dwellings. Once you’ve obtained your renovation loan, you can start the planning process. You can begin by planning to sand and re-stain worn or drab looking flooring. Spring is the ideal time of year to tackle this home improvement job as you’re bound to kick up a substantial amount of dust and debris in the process. With the warm weather, you can open the windows, let fresh air in, and spend time outdoors between sanding and refinishing.

Tackle Drywall

Whether you’re transforming an attic into additional living space or changing your basement from storage to an extra living room, the task of dry walling can be a perfect project once the weather gets nice. The warmer temperatures allows you to open windows and help expedite the time that the drywall compound needs to dry. While the process of refurbishing your rooms may be slow, the spring season offers optimal conditions for tackling the project.

Build a Room Addition

Room additions are excellent options for those who are looking for multi-generational living for a college student returning home or elderly parents looking to share living space. However, tackling this home improvement project  in winter can be a mess. Since the walls in your home may be knocked down or demolished, the warmer temperatures can help make it less of a nuisance. If the job runs long, you won’t have winter breathing down your neck. The summer season is also great weather-wise when you’re looking to finish the remodel.

Resurface Your Driveway

Snow plowing, harsh weather and natural wear and tear can ruin an asphalt driveway. If you’re looking to resurface or redo your driveway, spring’s warmer temperatures are ideal for this project. Since asphalt and other materials often need moisture and warm weather, it’s best to wait until the time is right.

Incorporate Fresh and Bright Colors

Another simple way to change the look of your home come spring is through color. If you have accent pillows, throws or area rugs, choose a small color in the design and repaint your walls to match. You can also paint your walls in a neutral color and bring in color using accessories. For spring, try using bold and vibrant shades.

Utilize Budget-Friendly Window Treatments

If your funds are running low, and you don’t have the money to spend on new doors or windows, you may want to try a simple spring fix with new window treatments. Floral shades and bright colors can make your windows appear like a decadent work of art.


Author:  Jessica Max